Bad Breath is Offensive in More Ways than One

Bad Breath is Offensive in More Ways than One

Take a look around you next time you’re in a grocery store check-out line. Notice all the breath mints and freshening chewing gums? There’s a reason they’re so prominently displayed. Bad breath is offensive. No one wants to smell it when they’re listening to someone, and no one wants to worry about giving off a foul odor themselves when they’re talking to someone. But did you know that bad breath – also known as halitosis – can be dangerous not only to your social status but to your health status, too?

Common Health Concerns When Bad Breath Signals an Alarm

Although bad breath is most commonly associated with the type of food a person last ate, such as garlic or nacho-flavored chips, halitosis can also be a sign of an underlying health condition that is unrelated to food ingestion.

The top four concerns that a dentist near you in Brooklyn will look for when diagnosing your chronic bad breath is excess bacteria build-up, gum diseases such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, and mouth sores.

If you’ve been current on your semi-annual dental exams from a dentist such as Brooklyn Smile, there’s a good chance that these conditions will have already been identified and a treatment protocol established. But if it’s been more than six months since your last dental exam or professional teeth cleaning, your halitosis is your body’s way of telling you that it’s time to get current with your dental exams! Instead of continuing with this embarrassing condition, why not seek breath treatment in Brooklyn by booking an appointment with Brooklyn Smile today?

Bad Breath from Food Versus Bad Breath from Dental Concerns

As mentioned, it’s common to have periodic bad breath from the food you eat. Examples are garlic and other spices that emit an odor once they start to break down in your stomach. In instances such as this, breath mints and mouthwashes are an ideal way to freshen your mouth. But when your bad breath is a result of tooth decay, gum disease, or dry mouth, using a breath mint serves little purpose for long-term treatment.

Tooth decay is actually a type of infection. Unless that infection is treated at its source, anything you do to cover up the resulting odor will be akin to putting on perfume or aftershave after a workout without showering. Eventually, the offensive odor will come through.

Similar to body odor that is often not noticeable to the person doing the offending, the same is true with bad breath. You may not even be aware that your conversations are offensive from an odiferous perspective – that is, until you see people pull away from you when you’re speaking.

Once you understand that what people around you are smelling are toxins from poor oral health, we’re pretty sure that you’ll want to seek treatment for halitosis in Brooklyn, NY, from a dentist like Brooklyn Smile instead of reaching for another ineffective breath mint!

Medications and Medical Conditions Are Also Contributors

According to the Mayo Clinic, certain diseases, including cancer, can cause a distinctive odor that emanates from a patient’s breath – most often resulting from the chemicals that the conditions produce. A prime example includes chronic reflux of stomach acids or chronic infections of the nose, sinus, or throat.

Rather than spending countless time, money – and stress – trying to figure out if your halitosis is being caused by an underlying medical condition such as those mentioned, you can eliminate the possible culprits of dental decay and infection by having a dental exam to rule them out as contributors. Also, when you visit Brooklyn Smile for your dental exam and professional teeth cleaning, we’ll perform a visual screening for mouth sores and oral cancer at the same time.
And last, if you wear dentures, make sure that you’re adhering to the cleaning guidelines that were prescribed to you when you received your dentures. The same bacteria that builds up on natural teeth can also build up on dentures and result in equally offensive odors.

Stop Buying Breath Mints and Start Saving Your Smile

If you’ve been postponing a dental appointment from a dentist near you in Brooklyn because you’re embarrassed about your bad breath, the dental care team here at Brooklyn Smile want to assure you that our number one goal is to give every patient we meet a happy, healthy, and fresh smile – and there’s never an embarrassment factor in doing that!

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