Could Bad Breath Treatment Help Me?

Could Bad Breath Treatment Help Me?

You have halitosis and you wonder if a bad breath treatment from your dentist can help. If regular brushing and flossing do not control your bad breath, it is time to visit a dentist for an evaluation and treatment. Your dentist can eliminate halitosis, so you will no longer have to live with the embarrassment.

Bad breath treatment options

Dentists offer a variety of treatment options for patients with bad breath. The treatment depends on the cause of the halitosis. Dentists begin by evaluating the patient and then choose the proper treatment.

Treatment for dry mouth

People do not realize how important saliva is. It removes bacteria and keeps the breath fresh. If the mouth does not make enough saliva, it is very difficult to avoid bad breath.

Dry mouth is caused by a variety of factors, including medications and health problems. The dentist might have to refer the patient to a medical practitioner, but often, this problem can be fixed in the dental office. After a cleaning, dentists might recommend mouth moisteners or artificial saliva. These products keep the mouth moist throughout the day.

Treatment to remove bacteria

Many patients require treatment for halitosis due to the buildup of bacteria in the mouth. While most people eliminate bacteria with brushing and flossing, others are not able to keep it at bay. The dentist can treat the problem in the office and send patients home with products to control the bacteria. The halitosis treatment begins with a thorough cleaning. Removing the buildup of plaque and bacteria will make the mouth instantly fresher.

Then the dentist or hygienist will recommend products to help the patient keep the mouth clean at home. Products might include a tongue scraper, electric toothbrush and antibacterial mouthwash. The dentist or hygienist will provide instructions on how often to use these products. The dentist will also educate the patient about the cause of the bacteria. This could be due to gingivitis. If the patient does not maintain a proper oral hygiene routine, it will return and could progress to gum disease.

Treatment for gum disease

Patients with gum disease need to visit the dentist for bad breath treatment. People with gum disease have bacteria in periodontal pockets located below the gumline. The bacteria cause bad breath and can also lead to infections and gum loss.

If caught early, dentists can perform scaling and root planing. Dentists remove the bacteria from the periodontal pockets and smooth out the roots. Then the roots reattach to the gums. Dentists might place an antibiotic in the periodontal pocket or prescribe one to be taken orally. This kills the infection and also helps fight against bad breath.

Getting a bad breath treatment

If you have dry mouth, an overabundance of bacteria or gum disease, you can benefit from a professional treatment for your bad breath. Consult with your dentist to find out the cause of your bad breath. Then the dentist will create a treatment plan to tackle the issue.

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