Custom Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

Custom Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

As unfortunate as tooth loss can be, patients today are lucky enough to have an array of restorative dentistry options to restore the strength, function, and beauty of the smile. When tooth loss is significant and a patient has lost either an entire arch of teeth, or nearly a complete set of teeth, dentures are most likely the best treatment option. Dentures are a solid dental restoration that are crafted to resemble a small group of teeth, or an entire arch of teeth. With dentures in place, patients can enjoy a fully functional set of teeth that also create an attractive smile. In order to ensure the most comfortable and secure fit, we offer our Brooklyn patients custom dentures that are fabricated to their unique specifications.

Benefits of Custom Dentures

In general, patients are hesitant to fit the mouth with dentures. Dentures of the past have been known to be uncomfortable and lacking in security, making many patients feel nervous about wearing them in public. However, in recent years, dentures have improved greatly. With the latest dental technology, we can offer patients dentures that produce a better fit, are more comfortable to wear, and very unlikely to slip or fall out of place. These dentures are custom-crafted to the exact specifications of each patient. We take molds of each patient’s mouth to ensure that the dentures will create a close and secure fit. In addition, we can customize the size, shape, and color of the dentures so that the fixture that is created appears to be completely natural. With custom dentures, we can give patients a smile that they can feel secure in while also creating a smile that they are proud to share with others.

Dentures Treatment Options

Patients who come to Dr. Herskovits for dentures treatment will have two options as to how the dentures will be secured. First, we offer traditional dentures that create a natural seal between the dentures and the gum line. These custom dentures are much more secure than in the past and are a comfortable, convenient, and economical option for many of our patients.

As an alternative to traditional dentures, we also offer patients the option of implant-supported dentures. We can take a patient’s custom dentures and anchor them to surgically placed dental implants. Although this is a more expensive option, some patients prefer this treatment method because it adds an extra layer of security and also enables the dentures to be cleaned and cared for just as the natural teeth.

Both traditional and implant-supported dentures are custom-crafted to ensure that patients leave treatment with a smile that is the perfect fit for their mouth, both physically and aesthetically. Dr. Herskovits is happy to discuss each treatment option in order to help patients determine which may be best for them.

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