Helpful Information About Root Canal Treatment in Brooklyn, NY from a Dentist Near You

Helpful Information About Root Canal Treatment in Brooklyn, NY from a Dentist Near You

We’re unsure why, but patients who learn that they need root canal therapy believe that it’s going to be a painful experience when in fact it’s just the opposite – root canal treatment eliminates painful dental conditions.

If you’ve recently been told that your oral health could benefit from endodontic treatment in Brooklyn, NY such as root canal therapy, we hope the following information provides you with the comfort you need to make the best decision for the health and beauty of your smile.

What the American Association of Endodontists Has to Say About Pain During Root Canal Treatment

While it’s true that some patients may experience some discomfort during the procedure, the American Association of endodontists reports that most patients do not. They write that “most patients feel little to no pain while a root canal is being performed” since any discomfort can easily be managed with numbing and medication.

Now that you have the comfort of knowing that the procedure can be performed during one or two pain-free appointments, we hope that you’ll take time to make an appointment with our dentist in Brooklyn who has almost 40 years of dental experience and has been told by thousands of patients that he gives painless injections for all dental procedures, including root canal therapy.

Are You Wondering if You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Every patient will have their own unique set of circumstances that warrant the need for root canal treatment from our dentist in Brooklyn, NY, but we can sum up the array of conditions in three ways.

First, patients will often be experiencing what can be described as “constant and severe pain” in one or more of their teeth. This pain can also radiate into the jaw.

A second indicator that your smile could benefit from root canal therapy from our dentist is a noticeable swelling in your gum tissue, especially around a particular tooth. Because swollen gums can also be a sign of gum disease, it’s important that any change in your gum tissue – including bleeding from the gums when you brush and floss — be evaluated by your local dentist in Brooklyn to make sure it doesn’t progress into a more chronic condition.

The third indication that you may require root canal treatment is a sharp, severe pain in one or more teeth when you bite down. Again, this could also be a sign of a different condition besides one requiring root canal treatment to correct, so an appointment should be made for a thorough evaluation and treatment plan.

The Good News About Early Root Canal Evaluation

When you make an appointment for a root canal evaluation from our Brooklyn dentist, you might be surprised to learn that your symptoms – such as those mentioned earlier – can be treated with alternative therapies besides root canal therapy. As an example, if you’re experiencing swollen or bleeding gums, it could be determined by Dr. Herskovits that you only need deep root cleaning or other periodontal treatment instead of root canal therapy.

Another benefit to early evaluation at Brooklyn Smile is that our multi-specialty office has a wide range of dental specialists on staff. Whether you need a gum specialist for periodontal concerns or a root canal specialist to relieve pain, you’ll benefit from having these specialists in one central location to make second opinions and peer-to-peer professional consultation more streamlined and time-efficient for everyone involved.

A Final Word About Root Canal Treatment

Even if the discomfort you’re currently experiencing ebbs and flows and you believe you can tolerate the pain throughout those times, remember that pain is your body’s unique yet important way of telling you that something is wrong. When you ignore that cry for attention, you may be setting yourself up for more costly and invasive procedures down the road. Some examples include wide-spread infection, tooth loss, and other dental emergencies that could have been prevented with more proactive treatment.

Our comfortable and centrally-located Brooklyn dentist office has convenient appointment hours available for even the busiest individual. Why not use our convenient online booking tool to schedule your consultation for root canal treatment in Brooklyn now?

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