Dr. Gary Herskovits
Dr. Gary Herskovits DDS

Dr. Herskovits has over 38 years of experience in the dental field as well as more than 1500 hours of continuing education credits (a rare achievement.)

He graduated from the New York University Dental College in 1981. Since then, he has lectured and taught dentists on Halitosis treatment and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. H teaches all phases of dentistry, including dental implants and cosmetic dentistry at dental college. His teachings have been presented at dental meetings in New York state. He is an internationally sought after breath specialist serving patients from around the world with expertise and care. Dr. Herskovits has been awarded many times for his contribution to dentistry and the dental profession. His office is part of the Invisalign 100 Club, which is a special honor because it means he has one of the top 100 offices in the country.

Dr. H has been told by thousands of patients times that he gives painless injections for all dental procedures. His patients actually laugh and smile while getting a shot.

Dr. H’s office is unique in that he has all the dental specialists on staff. If you need a surgeon, root canal specialist, gum specialist, they are all there. A patient is not sent from office to office to see a specialist for an opinion or consult. Its all done in one place. Sedation is available so that you can receive all your treatment in one visit while asleep.

The latest technology is available. 3D CT scans for the most accurate placement of dental implants. Water lasers that wash away cavities. Lasers that allow gum surgery in half the time, painlessly. Healing is in 5 minutes rather than six weeks.

Dr. Herskovits has appeared on many national and local news broadcasts such as CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX Channel 5 News, WOR Channel 9, Good Day New York, New York 1, local and national cable. You can watch some of his videos on the Youtube channel. He has been a guest speaker on the Dentistry Today show and MDTV discussing fresh breath, advances in Cosmetic dentistry, Implants, and the latest treatments in all aspects of dentistry. He has been a guest on many radio programs across the USA and was quoted in Extraordinary Togetherness published by Rowdale Press.

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