Tooth Replacement: The Most Important Step to Complete Your Smile Makeover in Brooklyn, NY

Tooth Replacement: The Most Important Step to Complete Your Smile Makeover in Brooklyn, NY

Everyone wants a smile that is radiant in its appearance. That’s one reason that professional teeth whitening from a dentist near you in Brooklyn, NY is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures for anyone seeking a smile enhancement. But beyond the quick fix of a whiter smile, many patients are looking for options to replace missing teeth as the first step in their smile makeover goals.

Fortunately, patients are not limited to only one choice for tooth replacement. There are several options available that run the range of cost and convenience. And although some of the procedures may sound complicated when you’re first considering them, we hope the following information provides the help you need to make the best decision for your smile.

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Missing Teeth are Problematic for Every Smile

Some patients who have a missing tooth in an area of their mouth that is not visible to others when they talk, eat, or laugh often mistakenly believe that there’s no reason to replace the tooth. After all, no one can see the gap, right? Unfortunately, that thinking is flawed.

While it’s true that there is no reason to cosmetically replace the tooth, there is a health reason that needs to be taken into consideration. When a tooth is lost or extracted and not replaced promptly, your remaining teeth will shift from their natural position because they no longer have that placeholder to keep them in proper alignment. When this happens, it creates gaps between your remaining teeth that become problematic for two reasons.

There are Two Important Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

First, the new gaps create space for food to become uncomfortably trapped between your teeth. You may have never experienced this discomfort before, but it’s a sensation that is not pleasant. Imagine being out to dinner with friends, a date, or co-workers when you unexpectedly experience the pressure from a piece of your meal uncomfortably lodged between your teeth? Instead of being able to enjoy the rest of your meal, you’ll find yourself focusing on how you can politely excuse yourself to remove the culprit of your discomfort without drawing attention to yourself.

This increased potential of trapped food between your teeth leads to the second reason for tooth replacement – and that’s long-term health concerns. As food continues to become trapped between your shifting teeth, cleaning becomes increasingly difficult, even at a professional level. This leads to an increased risk for bleeding gums, gum infections such as gingivitis, and additional tooth loss.

If you’ve recently lost a tooth and have not noticed any shifting or increasing discomfort yet, it does not mean that you’re excluded from it happening. It’s a guarantee that your teeth will eventually shift out of place. The smart move is to make arrangements for tooth replacement sooner rather than later to keep cost and inconvenience in line.

Explore the Most Popular Tooth Replacement Options

The two most popular tooth replacement options are dental implants and dental bridges. The difference between the two most often factors down to a matter of convenience and durability.

Dental implants are considered to the best solution for tooth replacement because they are the most durable. After the procedure is complete, your implant can last more than 40 years. The downside to a dental implant versus other options is that the treatment period can take several months to complete, and it may require adjunct procedures such as bone grafts. However, the long-term benefits are what make this the preferred procedure for many patients looking for tooth replacement in Brooklyn.

The second option is a dental bridge procedure – something that can often be completed in as little as two appointments instead of the months of treatment required when a dental implant is selected. A dental bridge will require dental crowns to secure the prosthetic tooth in place, so similar to a dental implant, the treatment does have adjunct procedures associated with it.

Wondering How to Choose What’s Best for Your Smile?

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