Preventing Tooth Loss from Gum Disease

Preventing Tooth Loss from Gum Disease

If you were asked to describe the ideal smile, chances are you’d mention straight, white, and even teeth. Odds are you wouldn’t mention missing teeth. It’s virtually impossible to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile without all of the teeth in place. That is why Dr. Gary Herskovits and his dental team offer general dentistry treatments to maintain oral health and preserve strong and healthy teeth. However, it is important to understand that preventing tooth loss goes beyond caring for the teeth. It is equally important to preserve healthy gums. Gum disease and tooth loss are often linked for our Brooklyn, NY patients. In fact, nationally, gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. Fortunately, Dr. Herskovits offers gum disease treatment that can combat the various stages of periodontal disease to restore healthy gum tissue and prevent serious dental complications, such as tooth loss.

Dangers of Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common condition, so a diagnosis of periodontal disease is not a reason to panic. That being said, this oral health problem should be taken seriously. With proper treatment, gum disease can often be eliminated before any serious complications, or even side effects, develop. However, if gum disease is neglected, it can turn into a harmful condition that can ultimately wreak havoc on the smile. Below are some of the complications that can stem from gum disease:

  • Swelling of the gum tissue
  • Gum pain or sensitivity
  • Gum recession
  • Periodontal pockets

As each of these symptoms progresses, the risk of tooth loss increases. The teeth rely on the gums to provide a strong foundation of support. Gum tissue that is inflamed and infected cannot provide the support that is necessary to keep the teeth in place. Gum recession is a particular threat to the teeth. If gum tissue begins to pull away from the teeth, pockets of space can cause the teeth to become loose and, eventually, fall out.

Preventing Tooth Loss from Gum Disease

Although gum disease significantly increases the risk of tooth loss, it is a progressive condition that provides patients with ample time to treat infection before serious complications occur. Dr. Herskovits offers a number of periodontal treatments that can improve the health of the gums and promote the growth of new gum tissue. Most patients who suffer from gum disease can eliminate infection and stop the progression of this condition through a deep cleaning technique known as root planing and scaling. Scaling cleans the entire length of the tooth (including beneath the gum line) to rid the mouth of harmful bacteria, while root planing smooths the roots of the teeth to make it more difficult for bacteria to cling to the tooth’s surface. If this treatment is not effective in eliminating gum disease, Dr. Herskovits can consider more intensive treatment options.

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