Bone Grafting in Brooklyn, NY

Did you know that if you have one or more missing teeth, you’re also experiencing damage to the integrity of your jawbone? This is not a “might happen” scenario. It’s a “will happen” assurance.

Over time, your jawbone will start to atrophy and be reabsorbed by your body without the help of a tooth’s roots to keep it healthy. Brooklyn Smile has prevented this from happening to countless patients in Brooklyn, and we can do the same for your smile, too!

Why You Need to Stay Ahead of Bone Loss

The loss of bone in your jaw can develop into additional problems if not treated with a bone graft in Brooklyn. Some of the more common consequences that Brooklyn Smile has seen include:

  • Continued problems with remaining teeth due to shifting and misalignment
  • Change in facial profile due to the collapsed jaw structure
  • Excessive skin wrinkling around the mouth
  • Facial pain, headaches, and an increased risk of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • Increased difficulty pronouncing words clearly
  • Decreased nutrition due to an inability to chew without pain
  • Associated problems with the expansion of the sinus area

Along with a bone graft procedure, it’s also recommended that patients undergo a dental implant procedure to keep the strengthened jaw bone structurally sound for years to come. By undergoing both procedures within one treatment plan, patients will also increase the appearance of their smiles because the missing tooth will be replaced with an implant.

Types of Natural Bone Grafts

Although every patient’s needs will be different, there will be a few types of bone grafts that may be recommended – the doctor will determine the best type of bone for you after the exam and discuss the different options.

Consider These Bone Graft Substitutes

If real bone is not desired, some other options offered from a Brooklyn Smile dentist may include synthetic materials such as graft composites and bone morphogenetic proteins. You can rest assured that every possibility will be discussed with you in detail prior to your treatment at Brooklyn Smile.

The purpose of bones is to maintain your teeth and roots, if the teeth are extracted or missing the bone has no purpose and therefore shrinks away, called disuse atrophy. As time goes on, the bone shrinks and our cheeks, which are supported by teeth and bone, start to cave in. Making you look older than you are. To preserve a youthful appearance, to eat and chew healthy foods, the teeth and bone structure will need to be replaced. Better yet, see us at Brooklyn Smile for checkups and cleanings to preserve your natural teeth!

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