Dental Bridges and Crowns in Brooklyn, NY

Are you happy with the smile that you project to others? Do you wish it could be improved with the help of a Brooklyn Smile dentist? The good news is that it can! Brooklyn Smile has helped countless patients in the greater Brooklyn area gain confidence in their smile. Two of the most common smile restoration procedures used in modern dentistry are a dental bridge and a dental crown.

How a Dental Bridge Can Help You Reclaim Your Smile

A dental bridge procedure is perfect for anyone who is either facing the loss of a tooth or has already lost a tooth and wants to restore the gap that has been left. In short, a dental bridge is a tooth replacement option that utilizes dental crowns to anchor the prosthetic tooth in place. This same procedure can also be used if a patient has multiple missing teeth. Instead of patients having to wear a partial denture to fill the space, a dental bridge from Brooklyn Smiles provides a fixed solution.

Give Your Smile the Crown It Deserves

A dental crown is a perfect restoration option for a tooth that has become decayed, infected, or damaged beyond what a dental filling can repair. Sometimes referred to as a “cap,” the dental crown fits over the remaining structure of your tooth. Other uses for the procedure include strengthening a tooth after root canal therapy, completing a dental implant or dental bridge procedure, and repairing a tooth that has become cracked, fractured, or decayed and cannot be restored with other treatments. Crowns make the tooth stronger, last longer, and more beautiful.

Our Commitment to You

All of us at Brooklyn Smile know that patients come to us with one goal in mind: to regain the confidence to smile again! Whether that means a total mouth restoration in Brooklyn, a simple tooth whitening procedure, or a dental bridge and crown procedure, every member of our staff is committed to helping you reclaim the smile you once had! Please use our convenient booking tool to schedule a consultation today!

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