Dental Extractions in Brooklyn, NY

Needing to have a tooth pulled is a common reason to visit the dentist, even if it can seem like the end of the world. Sometimes a dental extraction is performed because the tooth has decayed, but it is more common to lose one because of damage, overcrowding, or impaction. Whatever the case may be, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help.

At Brooklyn Smile, we perform advanced yet comfortable dental extractions near you in Brooklyn. These focus on your personal needs and can help you on the path to optimal oral health and wellness by reducing your chances of further decay, infection, and damage.

What Is an Extraction?

A dental extraction is more often called “pulling a tooth.” This is when the entire tooth is removed, roots and all. During this procedure, Dr. Herskovits uses a local anesthetic to numb your mouth, so you do not feel pain. A pair of special dental pliers are used to grip the tooth, and we then need to gently dislodge it by moving it enough to loosen the roots from the jawbone. We can then pull it out and facilitate healing in the area.

Sometimes you might have a tooth that is impacted. In this scenario, your tooth is trapped underneath the gums and cannot emerge. When this happens, we will cut through the gums, and remove the tooth. We then stitch the gums, so they heal.

Who Needs One?

People associate extractions with dental decay, but it is more common to remove a tooth because of overcrowding. Sometimes, a person’s mouth is too small or their teeth are too large for all of them to fit comfortably. In this case, Dr. Herskovits might recommend removing one or several to make room for the others. This also helps you maintain an aligned smile.

If you are worried you need a dental extraction done in Brooklyn, call us at Brooklyn Smile and schedule a consultation today!

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