Oral Cancer Screening in Brooklyn, NY

Patients in Bayridge can visit their local dentist at Brooklyn Smile to ensure their oral and overall health. Your dentist performs dental exams to look at your teeth but also to look at your mouth for signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings are often included in your exam, but be sure to speak with your dentist if you’re concerned about your risk of oral cancer.

Factors That Increase the Risk of Oral Cancer

Certain behaviors and health conditions have been proven to be linked to the presence of oral cancer in the body. Your age is one of them, as individuals over 40 years old are at a higher risk of contracting oral cancer. Smoking, drinking excessively, and many other factors also influence your oral health and the likelihood of developing oral cancer.

Gender makes a difference as well, with males being more susceptible to the disease than women. You can also have a higher risk of oral cancer if you have been diagnosed with certain strains of HPV.

Symptoms That May Indicate Oral Cancer

The dentist will perform an oral cancer screening to look for any abnormalities in your mouth. During the exam, your face, throat, and mouth will be assessed for any kind of discoloration or problems that could be an indicator of oral cancer. Some of the things that your dentist looks for include:

  • Red or white patches inside the mouth
  • Spots that bleed but have not healed for more than two weeks
  • Hardened spots or lumps on the neck, face, or in the mouth
  • Pain or discomfort when chewing as well as numbness

Patients can visit Brooklyn Smile to discuss the process of getting an oral cancer screening and how to reduce their risk of developing oral cancer. If you believe that you have noticed abnormalities in your mouth, speak with a dentist at Brooklyn Smile to get an evaluation and a referral to a specialist that can perform further testing to determine the cause of the abnormality and administer effective treatment as early as possible.

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