Sedation Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY

Does the thought of visiting your dentist cause you to grow anxious? Do you find yourself postponing much-needed dental work as well as preventative dentistry in Brooklyn? If so, we have some great news about the equipment and technology we use at Brooklyn Smile.

At Brooklyn Smile, our dental care team is committed to preserving your smile for a lifetime while also assuring the maximum comfort when you visit our office. To accomplish those goals, we’ve invested in the most current dental techniques, products, and equipment to ensure your comfort. These include painless Novocain, sedation dentistry, and laser dentistry.

No Need to Fear the Needle

Studies have shown that one of the greatest fears a patient has when visiting their dentist is an injection into their mouth. Needles are, without a doubt the most notoriously feared part of any appointment. But our experience and advanced training at Brooklyn Smile have given us the techniques we need to provide a painless injection.

We start by using a Novocain gel on the area that will be receiving treatment. Next, we very gently place a few drops of liquid Novocain – also known as “gentle Novocain” – to the area. Both of these steps are pain-free and do not involve the use of any needles. The next step, which is also totally painless, involves a slightly stronger dose of Novocain to numb the area. It is administered using a vibration technique so patients will not feel the injection as it is administered. This three-step process works according to the Gate Control Theory of Pain and has proven highly successful in modern dentistry.

When you visit our Brooklyn dentist office, we will patiently listen to your concerns and discuss ways to help you prevent dental anxiety or pain during your procedure. If it’s determined that you might benefit from sedation dentistry in Brooklyn instead of painless Novocain, then that’s the course of treatment that we will use.

The Latest Technology in Gentle Dentistry

The most advanced form of gentle dentistry at Brooklyn Smile is the use of new technology known as laser dentistry. The lasers we use allow us to target small spaces in your mouth that require treatment without causing any irritation to the surrounding tissue. If you’d like to learn more about this new technology or the sedation and numbing treatments mentioned, please give our office a call today at 718-745-3456!

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