Sleep Apnea Treatment in Brooklyn, NY

Besides keeping your significant other awake all night, sleep apnea is associated with high blood pressure, being overweight, cardiac (heart) problems, strokes, and even death. With obstructive sleep apnea, you stop breathing while sleeping. Your brain is not getting enough oxygen, so the body wakes you up, then you fall back to sleep, your tongue blocks the airway, and you snore again due to lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen may cause a stroke or death. A simple sleep home test will measure how many times a night you stop breathing and for how long you stop breathing each time. While a CPAP machine can help. Most people do not use it because it is uncomfortable. A simple night guard type mouthpiece is all most people need to live longer and have your spouse sleep better.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

If you have noticed loud or excessive snoring, then you or someone you love may be dealing with sleep apnea without realizing it. Snoring a bit is normal from time to time, but consistent or loud snoring with periods of no breathing is what characterizes sleep apnea. When you notice these signs, treatment may be necessary to prevent further health issues and other problems. A CPAP machine is often used during treatment, but oral appliances can be used as well.

Oral Appliances for Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Your dentist can provide you with an oral appliance that is specifically designed to treat sleep apnea and inhibit snoring. These appliances are placed inside the mouth while sleeping to adjust the position of the tongue and keep the airways from being blocked or collapsing while you get your rest.

Improve Your Sleep

You may not realize how much getting an adequate amount of rest affects the other areas of your life. Sleep has been shown to have a direct link to your performance in the rest of your life. Sleep apnea can lead to weight gain, diminished work productivity, decrease in athletic performance, and more. To avoid these problems, it’s important to improve your sleep by discussing any disturbances, such as snoring or sleep apnea, with your dentist.

If you have been dealing with snoring or sleep apnea, you should seek care from a dental professional in Brooklyn that can provide you with high-quality treatment for sleep apnea. At Brooklyn Smile, we have the tools needed to make sure that you get the rest needed to go live your life as you normally would without interruptions.

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