Professional Teeth Whitening in Brooklyn, NY

Have you been looking at yourself in the mirror lately and not been too happy with the color of your teeth? Do you wish you could turn back time – and reverse all of the dental staining that came with it? Are you tired of trying over-the-counter whitening products that seem to be over-promising on their results? If so, Brooklyn Smile has excellent news! You can achieve a smile that’s whiter and brighter than any store-bought product in the comfort of our Brooklyn dentist office – often in as little as one hour!

Trust Your Smile to the Smile Professionals

It’s easy to be fooled by advertising. We all want to believe what we’re told. That’s human nature. But the fact of the matter behind teeth whitening is that there is no faster way to get the results you want than a professional whitening treatment from Dr. Herskovits. At Brooklyn Smile, our whitening materials are higher-grade and higher quality than anything that can be purchased at the store or online.

But there’s even more reason to trust your smile to the smile professionals. Safety. When using store-bought lightening products, many people grow impatient to see the results and will misuse the product. This can be very damaging to your teeth’s enamel and create additional dental problems such as ongoing tooth sensitivity. Doesn’t it just make more sense to trust your smile to the professional staff at Brooklyn Smile?

When Time Is Important to You – It’s Important to Us

We know that not everyone has the luxury of time when it comes to a whiter smile. You may have just found out yesterday that you have an important event or meeting coming up next week that you want to be prepared for. So, are you going to “hope” that the over-the-counter whitening kit you can purchase will work, or will you make one appointment with Brooklyn Smile to make sure you have a winning smile? We gladly accept last-minute appointments in our centrally located Brooklyn dental office, and we’d be happy to schedule one for you!

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