What Your Bleeding Gums Are Trying to Tell You 

What Your Bleeding Gums Are Trying to Tell You 

There are a few basic guidelines to achieving maximum oral health that you might be familiar with, like brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day. But did you know that another tenet is that your gums are never supposed to bleed? Even if it’s a small amount that appears after you brush or floss, the tell-tale signs of bleeding gums is a sure indicator that it’s time to visit a dentist near you.

Avoid Making Assumptions About Your Dental Health

Many patients believe that a small amount of blood after they brush and floss is okay since it indicates that a thorough job has been done – after all, there is sometimes bleeding associated with professional teeth cleaning. Others mistakenly assume the blood is a sign that their toothbrush may be too hard and simply switch to a softer bristle rather than using the one recommended to them by their cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn, NY.

These assumptions are faulty for the simple reason that your gums are never supposed to bleed. So, when they do, they are trying to tell you that something more sinister might be at play beyond being too thorough about your dental hygiene routine or using a toothbrush that’s too hard.

How a Brooklyn, NY Dentist Can Solve the Cause of Your Bleeding Gums in One Appointment

Although bleeding gums are most commonly associated with plaque buildup, gum disease, and gingivitis, they are also linked to bleeding disorders, hormonal changes, leukemia, vitamin deficiencies, and more. But rather than making multiple appointments with specialists for suspected hormonal changes, endocrine disorders, or the other conditions mentioned, one appointment at a Brooklyn dentist like Brooklyn Smiles could reveal the true culprit of your bleeding gum: the perils of plaque.

When you visit our dentist, we’ll perform a thorough examination of your mouth, including oral cancer screening, to make sure that you’re not at risk for anything more serious than plaque and tartar build-up. Through gentle probing and precise measurements of your gum tissue, Dr. Herskovits and his team can help stop – and in many cases reverse – the periodontal disease which will, in turn, put a stop to your bleeding gums.

There Are More Symptoms to Periodontal Disease Than Bleeding Gums

Some of the other common symptoms that indicate gum disease include chronic bad breath, gum inflammation without bleeding, loose or shifting teeth, tooth sensitivity to temperature (both hot and cold), a receding gum line, and more.

While you may be able to perform your responsibilities at work or school with the presence of these conditions, ignoring them is never recommended since periodontal disease can culminate in tooth loss, gum surgery, bone replacement surgery, heart disease, and diabetes. Instead of taking risks like these with your health, our dental care team can develop a treatment plan that’s designed exclusively for your stage of gum disease.

Not only will this treatment plan save the health of your smile, but it will also save countless dollars on the purchase of over-the-counter treatments for the prevention of gum disease that are proven inferior to what can be obtained through a dentist near you.

Make an Appointment Today for a Periodontal Assessment

If you’d like to learn whether or not you’re at risk for periodontal disease and its multi-pronged long-term health dangers, we invite you to make an appointment today with the gentle and caring team at Brooklyn Smiles. We will work with you to overcome any obstacle that’s kept you from visiting a dentist in Brooklyn for preventive dentistry or periodontal assessment.

As a closing note, if you’re unable to make an appointment during normal business hours, you’ll be happy to learn that we offer early evening appointment times. That means if you want to bring your family in for back-to-back appointments as a time-saving convenience, we can easily manage that. And if you don’t have dental insurance, don’t let that stop you from making an appointment. We accept major credit cards and offer extended payment plans based on the applicant’s credit approval. Simply request an appointment with Dr. Herskovits — one of Brooklyn’s premier general, family, and cosmetic dentists — to get started. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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